Best way to set up Facebook with two separate Shopify stores

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I have two Shopify stores on separate Shopify accounts. Let's call the stores S1 and S2. The products are brands that I own and manufacture, but targeting completely different customers.

I have a single personal Facebook account, to which are attached two longstanding Facebook pages that correspond to S1 and S2. I have an existing FB ad account that is connected to both FB pages. S1 has been running FB ads through this account for months, and is doing well. I am now trying to set up Facebook ad campaigns for S2 but have run into some issues that I am hoping someone can help with. 

When I attempt to use the Shopify account for S2 to connect to FB marketing, the Shopify interface presents me with three options: 

  1. Connect to existing FB ad business account already used for S1
  2. Connect to existing FB ad personal account associated with my personal name
  3. Create a new ad account

I have a couple of concerns. Option #1 seems like it would lead to using the same Facebook pixel for both S1 and S2 - will that mix up the data that Facebook is gathering for both, and skew all of the demographics as well as add to cart/purchase conversions? I am also greatly worried over reports on the Shopify community about Shopify stores being blacklisted (like this one) once they try to advertise a second store on Facebook.

Related question: Is there way to create two separate pixels within Facebook? 

Option 2 seems out of the question. 

Option 3 seems interesting, but will it work (i.e. have a second FB ad account attached to a single personal FB account?)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!   

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Dear mrlan,


Try FB business manager account.

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Hello, i am in the same exact situation - any recommendations out there? 

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I eventually had to set up Shopify using the new Shopify app for Facebook (the old Shopify Facebook app is no longer supported) and do several support calls with Shopify to get the right FB page associated with the right Shopify store as the setup for the new FB app in Shopify did not show the proper FB page for S2. 

The other part of this is for running FB ad campaigns associated with the right shop ... I had a FB ad rep walk me through it because I was terrified of doing it wrong and then getting shut down with an AI lockout.

So, bottom line, doing this right required human support. There is no easy fix because both Shopify and FB not set up to work with this edge case out of the box.