Better Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads (with video!)

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This is Guille from Small Victories, a Shopify Partner studio from Barcelona with already two themes (Colors and California) and one app (Duplicate) published in Shopify. We are working on a new App called Factory that allows you to easily create video ads from your product images. Videos like this one or this one, that later on you can export to be Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads or just download and share on your social networks.

The app is ready to go but waiting for approval by Shopify before it can be released to Shopify's App Store. And at this point we were wondering if anyone would be interested on beta testing it? As a beta tester, you will have 10 free videos to give it a try.

Here is a video of how the app works:

You can install the app in your store at:

Looking forward for your feedback!


Guille Lopez
Small Victories

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Thank you very much for your important tips and app.