Big social media reach but bad conversion rate

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Hello together,

Sorry for my bad englisch.

I have a german jewelry Online Shop started on the first of this month.

As i have a big social media reach with entertaining pages i have no problem generating couple of hundret visits on instagram on my page.

My problem is having a small conversion rate (under 1%).

My other big problem is i have the traffic to do lookalike audience or custom audience and a email list of over 100 buyers but i cant do good campaigns on facebook and on google.

Like i need tips how i can make good cpc and good campaigns at all. 

I would be very thankful if i can get some effective ways to put on good campaigns and to raise my conversion rate.

My Shop link (its german):


Best regards



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I can not comment on Facebook other than saying that you need to make sure the audience you are targeting is relateable. When advertising on social platform you need to target people that have the intention of buying. Advertising to people that are not intersted does indeed provide a very low conversion rate.

For example I would recommend Google Shopping, where people looking on the marketplace have an extremely high buy intent. By advertising on Google Shopping you will have convesion rates of 3% and higher depdning on conditions.

In advertising it's very easy to waste allot of money, but by spending your budget wisely in areas that do work is key to success.

I think others will be able to help with Facebook specifics, but if you are interested in getting some high conversion rates and value for money than go with Google Shopping. You do need to do some research,setup an effective campaign, maintenance and effective data feed.

Hope it helps.

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I just checked your site and Frankly stating, the issues I saw are:

1. You dont have enough products on your website which means as a buyer, i have very limited variety to choose from! (Bad Thing)  😞

2. The prices are too high

3. I didnt got through checkout but I hope you are providing impactful payment options

4. You really need to add a translation option if your target audience is outside Germany. 


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I found the same issue with OP's website & my opinion is the same as yours.