Bing Webmaster Site verification issue

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Hi All,


I have started a new store to sell branded fragrances, skincare and makeup products as an extension of my retail store in NJ. I have been trying to submit my site for verification on bing but always this error message :


Bing could not verify ownership of this site. See below for more details:
Meta Tag
<meta> tag not found before <body>: make sure you place the verification tag with the correct verification key (ECF841A174A1FAA4CCB0B78E149522A1) in the <head> section and before the <body> tag in your page.
I am attaching a screenshot of the meta tag placement. Please can someone help with this issue and how to resolve it? thanks alot in advance.
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I have the same Problem. Anybody with a solution? 😉


Best regards


Edit.: I found a solution that helped me. Enter your site name with "http" instead of "https".

Hope this works for you and any other person who will come along this thread.


Best regards 😉 

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I am still having the same issue even after switching to http


Edit: Did the cname verification and it immediately verified. 


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Not having any luck using http or https for my site

Still no help from shopify?



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Find a solution yet?

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I just verified successfully through adding CNAME to the DNS server. It did not verify right away though, took a couple minutes.

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If nothing works for you all, I have a solution for you all!

Does anyone try to verify using the option "Import from Google Search Console"? 

Sites imported from Google Search Console will be auto-verified in the Bing Search Console!

If your website is verified in the GSC, you can try this!


Check this out:

Import from GSC

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I believe you need to get an SSL certificate for your website.

That would solve your problem.

An SSL certificate tells the visitors of your website that your site would not compromise the security of their information in any manner.