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Bite size BFCM Tutorials to help you get prepared

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To help prepare for BFCM, take advantage of the free tutorials below provided by Shopify Compass (details for each are below!):

  • Selling gift cards to grow holiday sales
  • 5 ways to optimize your inventory through a peak selling season
  • Selling globally to maximize holiday sales
  • Marketing tools for holiday selling
  • Optimizing store design for the holiday season
  • Shipping strategies during a seasonal rush
  • and more to come!

Selling gift cards to grow holiday sales

Gift cards are a holiday classic, whether you’re the uncertain shopper or the recipient who is thrilled to pick out your favourite products after the holidays. This year, they’re available on all Shopify plans to help you navigate the uncertainty of the selling season.

This video will cover how to:

  • Use gift cards strategically to help avoid selling out of popular products.
  • Make sure last minute shoppers are happy by selling digital gift cards, which ship instantly—and for free.
  • Add gift cards to your store and convert uncertain shoppers, even if they’re not sure of the best gift to give this year.

5 ways to optimize your inventory through a peak selling season

When it comes to high-volume selling seasons, there’s a fine balance between running out of inventory too early - and missing out on potential sales - and ending up with overstock, which can be difficult and expensive to sell once the season is over. With a couple of key tips and the right product insights, you can make better decisions about your products and optimize your investment in inventory.

This video will cover how to:

  • Prepare a product plan for high-volume selling seasons
  • Leverage key insights that can help prioritize product decisions
  • Apply strategies that can help drive growth and value to your business

Selling globally to maximize holiday sales

Selling globally is easier than you might think. With out-of-the-box cross-border solutions, you can set up your online store to target international customers in a few simple steps.

This video will cover how to:

Marketing tools for holiday selling

During high-volume selling seasons, preparing a focused marketing strategy is key to increasing awareness and demand for your products.

We’ll cover three marketing goals to focus on and the Shopify tools that will help you achieve them.

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

Optimizing store design for the holiday season

Holiday selling is all about driving sales, making sure your customers are happy, and keeping them coming back. To do this, you’ll have to prepare your online store with the right treatment beforehand. Let’s find out how Shopify can enable you to make the most out of holiday selling season this year.

This video will cover how to:

  • Optimize your homepage to drive sales with the theme editor
  • Make it easy for your shoppers to buy the products they’re looking for with product sections
  • Announce key information to give your buyers the info they need

Shipping strategies during a seasonal rush

The dream is to have record-breaking sales during any big shopping season, but the reality after you’ve made those sales is that you still need to ship, deliver, or fulfill every order. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set a winning shipping strategy that works for your business and can lead to increased sales.

This video will cover:

  • Popular pricing strategies for your ecommerce shipping
  • Alternative delivery methods to consider for your customers, especially when in-store shopping is limited
  • Return shipping strategies and what to consider before selecting the right one for your business

Building relationships and driving sales through live chat

Live chat offers a low-barrier way to connect with your customers, build lasting relationships and drive more sales for your business. Adding a live chat option allows you to unlock a direct line to your customers and offer a personalized shopping experience.

This video will cover:

  • Why customers still prefer live chat to speak to brands.
  • How live chat can help you drive more sales.
  • How customer relationships can be strengthened through conversations.

Email marketing strategies for high volume sales periods

Email is a key, low-cost marketing channel during high volume spelling periods. Customers expect to learn about the deals from their favourite brands directly to their inboxes, so preparing your email marketing strategy is a crucial step to secure conversations of new and existing customers for high-volume sales periods and beyond.

This video will cover how to:

  • Build a high quality email subscriber list to ensure you are delivering your message to as many potential customers as possible
  • Plan your email calendar and get crafty building impactful emails that work for mobile and desktop
  • Learn how to understand your email engagement metrics and build an effective long term email strategy

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