Blank home page H1 Tag on Brooklyn Theme

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I'm trying to locate/edit the default H1 tag in the Brooklyn theme. When I do site diagnostics, I have 2 entries for H1, the first is blank and the second is the one I added as custom HTML. I am trying to remove or properly edit the first entry. I added Headline and subhead to the slider image but this does not effect the missing H1.


Any ideasScreen Shot 2019-11-11 at 3.55.11 PM.png

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One of the H1 tags is on your logo. Look at theme.liquid and remove the h1 from the logo. You can try changing the h1 to div like I have below in red.


<div class="site-header__logo large--left" itemscope="" itemtype="">
<a href="/" itemprop="url" class="site-header__logo-link logo--has-inverted">
<img src="//" srcset="// 1x, // 2x" alt="Ceres Natural Remedies" itemprop="logo">
<a href="/" itemprop="url" class="logo--inverted">
<img src="//" srcset="// 1x, // 2x" alt="Ceres Natural Remedies" itemprop="logo">

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Thanks Steve!


I actually found the item in header.liquid and edited it there.


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How to change Home page H1
GO to: Theme, and Edit Code, then Templates: Sections: Header liquid



<h1 class="header__logo">{{ header_logo }}</h1>


replace with (h2 or h3: I prefer h3 for logo)


Paste the following

<h3 class="header__logo">{{ header_logo }}</h3>

<h1>YOUR TAG TEXT</h1>


Before you paste, remember to replace YOUR TAG TEXT with your choice of text.

Hope this helps!