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Blog article is not indexed automatically by Google, no issue on sitemap

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Hi, everyone.


I'm setting up our store that will sell a beard grooming brand. As part of the pre-launch strategy, we want to write as many articles as possible related to beard grooming so the SEO effect can be felt much earlier when our brand starts growing.


We wrote 14 articles so far, and none of it is automatically indexed by Google. This required us to submit each article manually to Google. This is the error page/indexing status when we inspect each of the articles.

Article Manual Indexing.png

This problem causes only our storefront page and a product page that is indexed.

We then try manual indexing, which is working, but:

  • It's not scalable, think if we write at least 30 articles per month
  • There is a limit of ~10 manual indexing by Google Search Console

What doesn't work:

  • Resubmitting 3 children sitemap (products, collection, blogs) under parent sitemapSubmission is successful but brings no effect. 
  • Installing some plugin that handles sitemap submission to no result
  • Wait for 3 to 5 days for the article to be indexed, to no result.


  1. What's wrong with our sitemap submission or store configuration? How to enable auto-indexing of our blog articles?

Much appreciated for spending your time to help!


Attached below, the sitemap screen, and blog child sitemap which strangely shown all articles are indexed there

Blog Sitemap Details.pngSitemaps Submitted Successfully.png

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I'd wager that this is not really a technical issue.

Needs a link-aquisition strategy along side the content. Google is notoriously slow to crawl & index domains with no domain/page "authority".

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