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Blog post not Getting idexed

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Hello  Everyone!

we are working on our Shopify Store: things are working pretty good until now. we are having a problem with our blog post section. 
we have published around 5 posts till now. but unfortunately, not even a single blog post is indexed in google. 

we tried the Following Things:
1. Submit the updated site map in GSC.
2. Manual requested index via URL inspection
3. Blog post meta tags Seems Good with index, followed tag. 
4. pages are mobile-friendly

here are some of the urls:

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Hope you are doing well.

As I can see, your site structure is pretty good, but you didn’t add a blog section in your menu or in the footer menu, so one of our recommendations is to add the blog section in your website's head menu or in the footer section. That helps users reach that page and also helps Google see that page. Not only that, but it also helps you build the page authority of your blog pages. Some other tips that might help you index those pages are given below:


  • Apart from the sitemap, Google relies on internal links, related posts links, links in the blog menu, and backlinks to effectively crawl a web page. Now, if your newest posts are not linked from anywhere, and bots find them impossible to reach, it can have a negative impact. The solution is to do internal linking of the pages that helps you index pages faster. For that, you will have to interlink those pages on the blogs that are already indexed.
  • You can also make sure you write a unique article and it must be plagiarism-free.
  • Try to update your blogs. Sometimes old articles are not indexed, so we have to make changes to them or re-write the blog to get them indexed.
  • Avoid using auto-generated content. That is another reason most of the articles were not indexed. 
  • Another reason is the random publishing schedule. Google fixes a crawl budget and crawls time for every website, so if you are publishing regularly, Google fixes its time accordingly. But if you are publishing a blog randomly every few days or months, it may take a few days before search engine bots decide to crawl your website again. This is one of the primary reasons for your posts not being indexed.
  • Another reason is that the robot's meta tag is not defined on that pages so kindly define them that help you to index those pages
  • Below are some screenshots of the above-mentioned URL that are indexed:







I hope this will help you fix these issues.

Thank You!!

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