Bot traffic from FB? - Reduce FB bounce rate

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Im currently transitioning from instagram influencer and trying to scale on facebook. On ig traffic, i see 4-5% conversion rate. But on my facebook ads conversion is 1%, even less than that.
Info on facebook campaign:
- Adsets target UK, US, CA. NZ, AUS.
- All of ads have 10 relevancy score
- 0.05 cpc & 8% CTR
- Specific & Seasoned pixel: 1000+ ATC, 200 Purchase. All data on this pixel only from this one particular product
- FB Ads use the same ad creative with the one used with IG influencer.
- Ads have been running for 4 days
- Landing page has been viewed 6k times on FB traffic. 10k-20k+ on Influencer Traffic.
- Purchase objective

Interesting fact is that after analyzing using a recording app (i use Lucky Orange), it shows that the traffic from FB barely even interact with the site.

Any suggestion on how to retain the FB visitors? Are you having similar experience?


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Different style of FB content /ad? 

Hiring few innovative micro-influencers (they inexpensive and do magic sometimes)?


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thanks for replying Mishu.

Ad creative is the same.

The influencers are not micro. 4-5% rate are pretty consistent even on 1mil+ pages

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Hi Rike

I think if you're advertising on facebook, setting up to capture people's information is the way forward, ie facebook messenger marketing.

The ability to send marketing messages and offers from your store with 100% delivery, unless it's a fake profile and up to 80% open rates is a huge draw.

Added to the fact that to add a subscriber only requires a single tick or comment, the whole process is easy peasy.

Liinking this in with a customer loyalty/reward program which nets sharers points for the store and everyone loves points, then it could be a winner.

To top it all, this is available now and a free trial is on offer, if you'd like to take a look.




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Awesome post! Thanks for writing. Very important topic.


Wanted to throw in my $0.02:


Digital ads on Facebook and Instagram are more competitive than ever before. With eight million companies advertising (up from seven million last year), it’s critical that every piece of your Facebook strategy and execution is stronger than ever before. In order for your creative to convert on paid digital channels, the old way of making ads will no longer be enough.


We believe that if your brand is not optimizing ads toward a primary action based goal, constantly tweaking your message to increase conversion and scale spend profitably, then you might not be spending your time, budget and energy in the most effective way.


Anyway, we blogged about this the other day if you want to learn more:


Hope that adds to the convo!


See ya

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