Brand Awareness or Conversions?

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I just started my first Shopify / Dropshipping store ( and have been doing limited advertising while I get my feet wet.  Because my ad budget is limited, I am putting together a 3x3 campaign with FB and then started thinking - am I doing this too soon?  I wonder if I should be doing a Brand Awareness campaign, first.  Do any of you experienced marketers have any insights into this?  Like should a small biz like me focus only the getting sales or should I do brand awareness and then go for sales?  (As you know, fb ads sets these ups and uses different AI for each.)   Thanks!

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Hi Cindyp! Congratulations on your store. So, you first need to make sure that your brand/store is visible to lots of people. For that purpose, Brand Awareness is your best shot. Run that campaign for a month or so. Be active on your page by making sure you don't miss out on any comment, query, message etc. Share your page on your personal profile as well. As your first buyers are usually your acquaintances. 

And if I may, I would highly suggest you use Instagram for Brand Awareness too. You don't need to do paid for that right now. But use relevant hashtags and you will get a trickle of traffic to your Insta profile> website. 

Good luck! Hope I was of some help. 

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That is very helpful, Thank you! 

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You can do both but when it comes process, you have to build your brand awareness, educate your prospect customer about your product/service to create your funnel that goes to sales. Eventually, you created a conversion.

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With limited budget, you should focus on sales or you will be out of business. Make sure all your branding... on the site, in your emails and ad are consistent... but focus on getting revenue that you can reinvest in your business.

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Great post! Thanks for publishing


Wanted to add a question of my own here, as my two cents:


What kind of brand do you want to become?


Although matters of brand tend to be more top of the funnel, whereas performance marketing is mid to lower funnel, it’s still a critical piece to nail down before any campaigns are created and launched. In our experience, brands that first master the language their company uses to refer to itself are the ones who can scale the fastest. Shakespeare famously warned, know thyself, and if you haven’t already done that work, it’s not too late.


Anyway, we just blogged about this the other day, if you want to see some of our other strategic marketing questions:

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