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Brand Page Linked to Vendor vs Linked to Collections?

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Hey Shopify Community,

Can someone please give me some advice here? I have a page created for brands and each brand is linked by vendor. The pages that each brand links to (and show all the products available by that brand) are blocked by robots.txt due to Disallow: /*/collections/*sort_by* and therefore are not being crawled by Google. Obviously when you trade off the back of the names of the brands that you sell this is less than ideal. Is the best way forward to create collections for all of my brands? And if I do that what is the best way to link the collections to my brands page so that only collections of brands are included and not collections such as "Footwear"? There are a lot of brands (200+) so linking them through the main navigation is not something I want to do.

I hope I've made sense here!


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Hi @ChelseaI

What I would do is to add brand name as a tag for each product, then simply creat tag-based collection pages. 

Screenshot (3).pngScreenshot (4).png

I think this is the quickest way to create brand-based collection pages.

Once you create these brands collection pages, you can create a collection page to display Brand collections only. Most Shopify page builders support this I believe, for example, you can create it with PageFly, simply create 01 big collection page -> then add Collection List Widget -> then Customize to show only brand collections only, and not collections such as Footwear. 

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb up or like 😄