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Bridal lingerie brand - how to bring more traffic and sales ?

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Hi everyone!
We just launched a new bridal lingerie brand on Shopify this recent May.

We sell beautiful bridal lingerie in amazing quality. We tried promoting on instagrams/facebook too increase our sales and we are also promoting on The Knot,  but there is not enough traffic and there are still no sales

Would love to hear what you think about the website.

What would you do to cause more traffic and convert it into sales ? 

Please don't hesitate to critisize or say what you think!

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Hi Jasmine

Think your site looks lovely.

I think it's going to take a few views to get sales as you're a premium brand and obviously priced accordingly.

To that end, you need to be building a list of potential buyers, taht way you can go back to them with new product lines as they're released.
Shopify Expert
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Hey Jasmine! Thanks for writing. Gorgeous bridal ware on your site 😉

For success on Instagram, make sure you have a wide breadth of diverse imagery. You’ll need that test, and also to uniquely segment your targets. 

We actually blogged about this on a recent AMA on Reddit, if you’re interested in some other insights:

Hope that adds to the discussion. See ya.

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