Browser Push Notifications (killing my sales)- how to disable on client browser?

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This seemed like perhaps the most appropriate category to place this post.


I am looking for assistance with javascript code that can execute on the users browser to disable push notifications on the users browser. 


The issue is when a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, their browser (depending on their settings) can alert them that the same (or similar) item is available to them at a cheaper price by a competitor seller.


This browser behavior is killing my sales! And totally unfair business practice. I mean if I was a brick-and-mortar store, there would be no merchant allowed in my store to steal my business.


I need code that I can execute that will disable push notifications of this sort on the users browsers. I would anticipate that this would javasccript or jquery code that would execute upon the user clicking the shopping cart button?? And as a follow-up question, how would I execute in the shopify liquids file?


This here image exemplifies what I am referring to. Any assistance to solve this challenge will be greatly appreciated!




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If the push notifications are enabled/added from your end, you can just disable them from your coding.

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