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what is a good daily budget to get exposure on AdRoll? can you get a good one with >$5/6 daily budget?


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Hi @Danielexx85 ,

We work at Addyz . Based on our experience keep your advertising budget to at-least $500/month because of industry you are targeting.
If you are aiming only at retargeted audience than maybe keeping budget low might be helpful but if you are reaching out to new poeple with lla based campaigns try to keep budget $30/day for inital 15 days and then decrease budget afterwards. 
What all ecommerce store ownera doing wrong if evenly dividing there monthly budget for each day. What right approach is to use high budget at the starting of a campaign to let fb pixel learn fast and the decrease budget once the learning is completed. This strategy is called boosted learning.

You can also check out our app and can automate products feeds and campaign optimization to really get better ROAS  on your monthly budget

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