Bug report or shortcoming: Can not bring up "total sales" for the lifetime of any 1 specific product

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Consider the following question:

"How many Blue Widgets did we sell this year, vs all time?"


Pretty reasonable question.

Lets pretend we have a product called "Blue Widget" with ID 0123

Lets assume this product comes in "Pink, Blue, Green and Red"


And you want to find out the following:

  • How many TOTAL Blue Widgets have we sold - all time
  • How many TOTAL Widgets of any color have we sold - all time
  • How many Blue Widgets sold last year VS Green Widgets last year

As far as I can see... its impossible to answer those questions via Shopify


I was horrified to see that in Shopify we can ONLY bring up, at most, 90 days of "insights"



and then further horrified that "view details" and  "Net sales over time comparison" still gives us no clue as to what the answer to those basic critically important questions are.


Notice how there are no useful totals on this card that can answer those questions:






Problem: "We can not bring up the total lifetime sales or sales by any date range for specific products"


Requested solutions:

We should be able to see "lifetime sales" of any product

We should be able to set a "date range" for total sales of any product



We should also be able to create a customer LIST of anyone who bought a single specific product with a date range.


Currently, in order to figure this out, we have to go into Google Analytics 

This data should be at our fingertips in Shopify - seems to me that it would be absurd for this data not to be here, maybe I am looking in the wrong place? 


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Hi There,


Our app Report Toaster  was created to provide insights just like these. If you are on the Basic or Shopify plan, the free version should work fine to get these answers. Feel free to take a look and let us know what you think.




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We are not going to be "handing over" ALL of our customer data to your company which does not have a TOS page nor any proof that you abide by US laws when it comes to handling sensitive customer data. 


but... nice try

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Hi @c_zagarskas ,

I am John from Report Pundit, a reporting and analytics app in the Shopify app store.

As per the example that you've provided, Report Pundit can offer you reports like

1) Total Blue widgets that have been sold all time.
2) Total widgets of any color that have been sold all time.
3) Sales comparison of Blue Widgets last year VS Green Widgets last year.
4) Net sales over time comparison.
5) Lifetime sales value for specific products(Including Customer Information)
6) Specific day sales for specific products(Including Customer Information)

Also, we comply with GDPR & also have TOS/Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy:- http://reportpundit.com/privacy/

Further, We can custom schedule the report to your Email, Google sheets, Google drive, Ftp & Big query on an Hourly, Daily, and Monthy basis.

I request you to install our Report Pundit App with a 14 day trial period and we will set up the reports free of cost.

You can reach us at support@reportpundit.com


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards

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This should definitely be built into the Product page for each item, not rely on some rando selling you an app.  The 3-month figure is not helpful at all. 


Shopify folks -- is there something that can be done about this?  Thank you!  🙂