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I have been a Shopify store owner for over 2 years already. Most of my sales come from PPC and search campaigns. Lately, I have am starting to focus on my SEO and it is much more challenging than anticipated. I have read online that backlink building is something that might boost my SEO rankings on Google. The only issue is, no one actually shows how to do backlink building. Anyone with suggestions? 

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Hi Abraham! 

I'ved moved your post over to our Ecommerce Marketing area to help you get some feedback.

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Hi Abraham, I'm not a backlinking expert by any means, but I thought I'd share with you some of the experts I follow and learn lots from.

1. Brain Dean - This guy really know's his stuff and I've learned loads from him over the years.

2. Income school - these guys are more about building content which naturally ranks and gets linked to

3. Ecom hacker - these guys have some good content

4. Authority Ecommerce - more information on why and how to create naturally linkworthy content

Using many of the strategies I've learned from these guys I've been able to ranks some of my keywords of pages 1-2, saying that it's not been a quick process, it's taken nearly 9 months to start seeing decent results.

Hope this helps.



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You can get help from

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Hi Abraham, 

I believe I can help you here. I wrote this blog post regarding 10 ways to build backlinks to your site.

Hope this helps you. 



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What I'd do is to create a blog, create link-worthy publications, reach out to bloggers and website masters in your niche to request a link and that's all. Rinse and repeat, so you can build enough authority and link from these pages to the pages you wish to pass link juice to. Simple and effective.

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If You have to improve ranking in Google using SEO then you get a high-quality backlink.
There are some tips which are following:
1. Blog commenting

2.Guest posting

3.Forum submission


5.Document Sharing.

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You first need to research for the various activities that you can do for your website to build high quality backlinks. You should classify those activities then you will get to know what kind of websites should I pursue to get backlinks from. Once you found all those websites then categorized them according to their DA as well as traffic. Then complete your target block by block. I hope this strategy will help you understand the E-commerce Marketing & Quality Link Building. 

I hope I helped you out. Please let me know your thoughts on this too. Please correct me If I am wrong.  

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There are many different ways to get backlinks. To start off with some quick wins you can create internal links within your own site. An example of that would be having a link to your contact us page on your home and about us page. Internal links are links within your site that link to another part of your site. Super simple and easy for you to adjust. Creating a blog is an extremely easy way to create internal links. You can always create a whole post around a certain product, vendor, etc. and link to the product page. The second quick win is looking for directories whether that be industry, state, city, or business industries and getting your company up on their site. Most of these are super easy you just have to fill out a form. Search for "home improvement directory" or list of "home improvement" websites. Feel free to make this more specific to your different niches within your company. 

A tool I like to use is it is a great source to see how you are doing with link building. It is also a great way to look up competitors and see where they are getting their links from. You can follow their strategy to help improve your rankings. 

Find bloggers is another way to gain more links. If there are already bloggers out there that have blogged about your businesses make sure they include a link to your homepage. You could also create some type of deal with an influencer that matches your brand and likes your products. You could ask for them to link to your site for free or discounted product. 

Also, don't forget about social media. Make sure all your social media profiles have links to your site and are constantly sharing that to increase brand awareness.