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Bulk Check and Update of Image Alt Text, Image Title, SEO Title and SEO Desc

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What's the best way to check (and update) the following values for all of my products?

1. image alt txt 

2. image titles 

3. Product SEO title and desc


I did a csv export from Shopify - 

1. image alt text - there is alt txt on only 40 products out of 117 total products - and 475 variants out of a possible 6499. I want to check & update any missing ones in bulk. I've used Bulk Image Edit By Hextom - but this seems to have only done a partial job.

2. image title - these are just random codes.jpg in the export - how do I set these to a meaningful title - and do I set 'image Src' or 'variant image'? I can't just rename the image title in the export - because the Src & variant Image - are surely linked to a physical file on the sever - so how do I rename them in bulk?

3. SEO Title & SEO Description - these are all blank - but when I look at individual products in my product editor page in the Shopify portal - at the bottom - theres data in the Title & Description of the SEO section - for all my products.

3.1. Why are the SEO Title & SEO Description fields not populated in my export? Do they need to be? - which fields do Google etc use when data goes over to Merch Center?

How do I update all of the above in bulk?

Many thanks for any help you can give.

Kind regards


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Hi, Jason!

You can do precisely that with app.

In the app, you should do the export of Products, by marking additional info checkboxes for "Image Alt Text" and "Metafields".

That will export your current products and their SEO fields to the Excel file.

You will find respective info in the following columns:

  1. "image alt txt" in the "Image Alt Text" column.
  2. "image titles" are the same image alt texts, there is no additional field for image title (as you also can see it in the Shopify Admin, when you set the image alt text from there for individual images).
  3. "Product SEO title and desc" will be in columns "Metafield: title_tag" and "Metafield: description_tag".

If you don't have any SEO title or SEO description set for the product, then Shopify generates them from the product Title and Description. So your products are actually never without SEO info. Just you can set them to different values if you like. And here is a small trick that Shopify does - if you set the SEO title to be exactly the same as the Product Title, then it will save SEO title as empty. Because it already generates those from Title, if it's empty. The same with SEO description. That's the reason, why your SEO fields might show up as empty.

In the export, you also might even not have the SEO metafield columns, if those are empty for all your products.

In that case, you can just add them as columns in that Excel table, and fill with values for each product.

By using, you will not have to re-import your all products and their images, just to change those Image Alt Text or SEO fields. You can "import as an update" to change just those fields and nothing else.

So, to import just those fields as an update, you will need to import an Excel table with just the following columns:

  • ID - to identify product (optional, if you have the Handle, taken from the export)
  • Handle - to identify product (optional, if you have ID, but still it's good to have it, as it gives you human-readable clue of which product this is)
  • Image Src
  • Image Alt Text
  • Metafield: title_tag
  • Metafield: description_tag

When you import this file, it will update those products with info from those columns.

In case you need any help with updating your SEO info, you can contact us here:



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Hey @Jason_Fielding ,


You can do both, update your Shopify products' SEO Title and SEO Description and update your Shopify image alt text by using Airtable. You can do both actions from a single Airtable base, ensuring that your data gets updated and that you avoid data corruptions. 

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Hi Jason,  I just searched the app store for Airtable and it's not there??

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@emccaleb That's because AirTable isn't a Shopify app, it's a Spreadsheet/Database product that, in isolation, is nothing to do with Shopify.


What the poster was referring to is a Shopify app that is called AirPower which allows you to connect AirTable & Shopify.

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Hey Jason,


The way I would check all of that data would be the Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Running a crawl will show you all of your title tags, meta descriptions, alt text etc. It's what most professional SEOs use to check:


If you were interested in updating that content in bulk, I would look into Shopify's CSV importing. You may be able to directly upload all of the data directly from a spreadsheet: