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Bulk invitation emails

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I have collected emails from I a physical store i had, and now after i created a store with Shopify, iwant to send invitation message to these emails. 

For some reason i can send individual message but not bulk, which does not make any sense. it is taking time and effort for nothing. i have good number of emails

I know i can use the apps, but if i use them, most of the messages, that are sent throug them, end up in the junk /spam folder. not to mention it is not worth it to pay money just for a one time thing. 

Please Shopify, can you let us send bulk invitaton emails directly from the website without using apps. it will make our lives way much easier

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Hey brother,

If you're using any app for sending bulk emails, you need to take care of spam words and HTML templates.

If you send spam free emails and your user interact with your emails, it will never end up in the spam folder.

I'm the email copywriter and already have helped many e-commerce store generate more from it.

If you need help with this problem, you can see my profile on LinkedIn and talk to me their -

anyway, here is my email as well -


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Hope you are doing well.
There might be some issue, you can go through this article, you'll find it fruitful.

Else you can connect with Shopify support to know the why of it.


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Thank you for your response but i read this page multiple times and still couldn't find the answer.

How i can get in contact with Shopify support?


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Hi @Andraousj 

I think that your emails will not end up in the junk/spam folder if your emails has an attractive templates with friendly words. I would recommend you try to use the Bulk Account Invite Sender app. With this app, your spam rate will be lower. Bulk Account Invite Sender, which is created by Matt Loszak, is a wonderful application for all Shopify administrators to save time and bulk-invite your customers to activate their accounts effortlessly. With only a few clicks, you can send multiple emails at once in order to ask all the uninvited customers or you can send emails to a group of customers chosen by using tags. Additionally, Bulk Account Invite Sender provides you many beautiful templates for you to choose from. You can also choose to create your own template by writing HTML if the pre-made templates do not suit the image of your brand. Above are the features of the normal plan, Bulk Account Invite Sender also provides monthly subscription service which has just been added in 2019. The monthly subscription service helps you to save time sending emails as it automatically sends emails to ask new customers to register for an account. Let’s install Bulk Account Invite Sender and manage your business effectively!

Highlight features

  • Allows sending bulk invitations quickly
  • Allows customizing email template by writing your own HTML
  • Helps to save your time by getting your workflow automated
  • Provides monthly management service which is more convenient
  • Automatically invite new customers on a regular basis

Price: Start from $0/month

Rating: 55 - 4.5 / 5

You can get the app here.

Hope it helps!

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