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I am looking for an app that will allow me to have tiered pricing or bundles on a large number of products.  

4 for $299

7 for $499

I have tried several and they either have to scroll through hundreds of products to find what they want or I have to choose a discounted amount.  I don't want a discounted amount... I want a price for that number of items.  

Maybe a button on each product to "add to bundle" or a cart option to create a bundle out of items in the cart.  

I don't want to recommend a bundle, I want them to choose the options for the bundle.

Thanks for any guidance.


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My bundle app does offer fixed price bundle discounts but not tier pricing. for your case of

4 for $299

7 for $499


I would like to know what you expect for 6 items. Can the customer add 6 items or only the exact number can be added? It will be broken into $299 + 2 items separately?


Can the customers select 11 items and make them into 2 bundles of $299 + $499?


It may sound trivial to you. But for some cases like multi-tier, the math can be complicated, e.g.:

2 for $60

3 for $80

4 for $100


When the customer wants to buy 6 items, it's becoming difficult.

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Hi there! I am looking to do the same thing and I was wondering if you ever figured out it? Thanks!