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Many of my website pages automatically have my business name at the end of the page title.  Google is considering this a potential problem. 

Where in liquid can I delete this or change it?







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Hi @JeanetteQuillen,

could you share the link to your site? 

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
For more info what I do, visit
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I think it would be a good solution if you went to a good programmer with this problem. I had something similar when I was coming up with a name for my small business. Many of the options were already taken, and it would have been much harder to promote them online. But then, together with , we found a great name that fit what I was doing, and they also helped me with marketing and promoting my official website on Google. Of course, we are still working together for better metrics, but the website traffic is really improving every day.