Campaigm UTM URL paramaters being removed from product pages

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but automatically redirects to the variant URL >


any solution to avoid this redirection? we want to track each campaign's activities and conversion.

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Hey @Niki_K 

Just to follow up on this. I believe I have resolved the issue. I have some code that requires a query param to exist in order to execute (and I thought this was not running because of the query param removal) but it turns out that this code executes _before_ Shopify's Javascript that re-writes the query params. So for us at least this is not an issue.

Really appreciate the assistance though. Thanks again!

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Hi @KutokuTim,

okay! Great! Thanks for the update!

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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Hi @KutokuTim 

We are having the same issue and unfortunately Shopify Support says that it is not their scope of work. Could you please detail how you solved the issue?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi @LuisGomesHM 

Well, we were lucky that the problem actually didn't affect us. We have a code snippet installed in the Shopify site's HTML. This code snippet requests a JS file and sends the query parameters along with that request. This request happens _before_ Shopify's code removes the query parameters so we were a bit lucky.

I do believe this is a Shopify issue and from their response to you it sounds like either don't want to fix it, or don't understand the problem.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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Hi everyone, 

Did this ever get resolved. I tried all the combinations suggested here but nothing worked. In all cases, the URLs would change to the base shopify url with the variant code at the end.

I tried:
removing the variant part of the url
Add & after variant and before the start of UTMs
Add # after variant and before the start of UTMs