Campaign with Instagram micro influencers - New Store - Your thoughts

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let me start putting my current brand position

new store

average product price $120

average product profit $45

Niche: Home Decor, Country Living, Garden

Target: USA, Women, 30+

almost no social signals (very small, growing organically)


I'm doing some collaboration with Instagram micro-influencers, perfect for my niche, I did my homework and the numbers are good (engagement, demographics, real followers, etc). I'm spending around $80 on product cost and that will get me an IG permanent post, lifestyle picture with my product on it, a mention to my IG profile, brand name hashtag, link to my webpage on Stories. Avg Post gets 1500-2000 likes, 120 - 150 comments, with 10K to 80k followers.

I'm planning a campaign launch with 6 Influencers in a 2 Week Period, If campaign shows ROI, I will do 2-3 influencers posts per month

Each Influencer will post a specific discount code so I can track sales

On stories, I will create specific URLs with tracking parameters, Stories will have a clear call to action and swipe link to my store

After 2-3 Days of each post, I will boost them each with promo posts

I will run retargeting ads   


My Goals are:

Brand Awareness

  Have 10K likes on Influencers posts


  1000 new followers on my IG account (2 Week Period)

  All 6 Influencers have committed sharing our company experience, I will use this as webpage reviews

  4 of 6 have agreed to send me 1 lifestyle picture apart from the one used in IG, I will use this on my IG Profile

  2 Influencers will publish a post on their 30+ DA blogs


Sales Goals

Convert at least 30 Sales in 2 Weeks (Expect ROI With 30 Sales: X3)


What do you think about it? I'm forgetting something?


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It looks really interesting, but know that from my experience - sometimes spending the same amount on ads gets more impressions and conversions than assisting with Instagram influencers. That depends on the target crowd, of course.


Good luck!

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I will definitely run ads. as phase B of the marketing plan 


But at this time my goal is to have social recognition and brand awareness. My products range from $69 to $300 so I see its as crucial having influencers testimonies  and pictures with my product, something which I will use for sure in the web page

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Hi there! How are you creating tracking links for swipe up? 

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I believe you need to divide your budget according to the 60/40 rule for your conversions.

You could spend 60% of your budget on Instagram Ads and 40% on the influencers.

But ensure that you try A/B ads testing and improve the efficiency of your conversion strategy.



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hey @andrespq77 


it sounds like a great plan!


Some notes that might help:

  • I don't think you should run a retargeting ad if your goal is to grow the audience. (else it will be the same people)
    • You could consider creating lookalike audiences from the initial "engagers"
  • Sales cycles might need more time to push them from "followers" to "customers. You might want to set-up 2 different retargeting funnels
    • 1: For those who have engaged with your brand, show them more products until they visit your store/ purchase
    • 2: For those have visited the product pages but haven't purchased
  • For "trickier" customers, set-up an email capture and drip sequence
    • Not all customers will be willing to purchase straight away. You should have a mechanism to capture the emails of these individuals so at least you can appear in their inbox in the future
    • (No point wasting potential leads)


All the best!

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