Can a shopify store rank #1 on Google?

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If yes can we see examples of some that rank 1st page? I dont think I've seen one. Just a post to see if theres hope. They say WP is beast for ranking but migrating there would cost 7k
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It really depends on your search term and the relevancy of your searches.


From the technical architecture front, Shopify has the edge over mobile + page load speed. Other factors like H tags and Meta description are the same


Wordpress sites on average might have a slight edge due to the age of the domain. (More time, more backlinks, more credibility).


If you are just starting out, Shopify would still be a better bet.

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Here you go - tattooednow is on Shopify and is 1st natural result for a fairly generic key phrase of 'temporary tattoos':


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Yes, it's possible. We rank on page 1 for two different search terms. I have found the best way to do this is to create a blog post targeting the keywords you want to rank for. I like one blog post per keyword. Within that blog post, you should link to your products. Google seems to take blog posts more seriously than product pages. 

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Absolutely - why wouldn't it be possible? I helped a number of my clients get to page #1. It's more to do with the keyword you pick, your domain authority [DA], website structure, on-page SEO, and your strategy. It doesn't really depend on the platform. 


My client, after only 3 months of SEO Monthly package:


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Thanks for the responses.
Is that someone wanted me to migrate to wp because of SEO results after 3 months. It was in page 3 and suddenly dumped.
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 the fact that your website was dropped in the search results might not have anything to do with the platform itself [and if someone recommends changing platform instead of solving the problem, it's alarming]. While WordPress gives you much deeper access to the SEO elements you can edit on your website than Shopify, it doesn't mean your website will automatically rank higher after you switch. You'd still need to optimize the new WP website yourself in order to get to page #1 for a selected keyword. This means if you work with a developer who cannot help you get to page #1 with your current platform, it's almost guaranteed they won't help you get the same results on another platform.



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Please show screen shots of this.

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Nope. It's is not on the first page at all.

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Yes, definitely you can top the ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs) with the Shopify store, the platform doesn't matter it's just that WordPress provides more flexibility with the SEO in comparison to Shopify but doesn't put Shopify store out of the race for positions on search engine result pages.

Shopify comes with a lot of SEO friendly features but it depends entirely on how well you customize it to go up the ranking and increase visibility. Although SEO relies on keywords, it takes more than just spraying a few search terms into the content of your site and make your site rank higher.

Some steps that can help you to optimize and rank your store higher:

1)Improve User Experience
2)Research Right Target Keywords
4)Optimize Your Shopify Products Pages
5)Build Links to Your Store
6)Rank Higher With Content Marketing
7)Use Best Shopify SEO Applications and Resources such as Smart SEO, Yoast & SEMrush.

Hope this helps!


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Yes, it's possible

Just follow best SEO tips for your Shopify store

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