Can anyone recommend someone to help us with SEO for international markets?

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We've recently moved to Shopify and are struggling with our international SEO. Previously (on Magento) we had two versions of the same website running on the one TLD with just a simple extension indicating the second market. (i.e. it was and for the US market) and this allowed us to rank each  version of the website on Google UK and US.

On Shopify we can't seem to replicate this and are unsure if we should be using Shopify Markets (but does that create a duplicate content issue) or different TLDs or just sub-folders or whatever.

Can anyone recommend someone who has done this for an international Shopify website before please? We are on Shopify Advanced.

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Hi, @TerraFirma.


If you are looking for Premium/Paid support please contact via email



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