Can Customers Sign Up For Different Email Segments

Can Customers Sign Up For Different Email Segments

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I own a gifting company and I have website customers who are just individuals looking for a single gift for their mom, sister, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., but then I have a lot of customers who are business owners looking to do business gifting. I want to create email campaigns that are only sent to the business people, because they'll be about client gifting. My question is, am I able to place a "sign up for my newsletter" form on my business gifting page, where when they sign up through that exact newsletter form, it places them on my "business-related emails" segment?


I do see that if I go to Customers > Create Segment, that I can create a segment based on customer tags. If this is the route I should go, is there a way for the business people who sign up for my newsletter on the business gifting page to automatically get tagged with my "business" tag?

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To do it like that I think you'd need a couple things to happen:
- If it's tied to the customer, the customer would have to be logged in when they submit the form

- Adding a tag in the front end is not available in the Ajax API (, so you'd probably have to build a custom app to add that tag to the customer. It would be a basic app, so very doable but would add cost.


Any professional email marketing software can achieve this, you would create a different form for different pages, then they sign up for that form then get put into the segment. We like Klaviyo (we wrote a guide about automation with it here). I would go this route if you're interested in segments, then you can segment them + run automated campaigns, A/B testing, cross selling, etc.

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