Can I connect a Shopify Store to 2 or more Instagram Account?

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Hi Guys,

I hope you're enjoying the evening.

I'm an Instagram Copywriter & Growth Marketer and now I help artists (mostly emerging ones) to build, manage, grow & monetize their Instagram Account.

I have an agreement with the leader of one of biggest artist community and we were thinking about to create a webshop, where we'd upload pre-selected, high-end paintings from an exclusive group of artists.

Can we do that AND connect this store to some of the artists' Instagram (managed by me)?

Thanks in advance.

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The native integration will be single account. If you need to do something with mutiples that's something you'd need to investigate viability for a DIY project.

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Hi guys,


I have a Shopify shop in 2 languages. Respectively, I would also like to have 2 Instagram accounts in these languages. 

Is it possible to connect 2 Instagram accounts in this case?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks, Jason! That's what I was afraid of... 😄

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Were you able to figure out a workaround?