Can I create a link to send a user to the checkout with product added and a coupon code applied?

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I know that I'm able to do these two things separately. I can create a link to apply a discount code and I can create a link to send the user to the checkout with a product added.

But can I do these two things together? For example, create a link to send a user to the checkout page with a T-shirt added to the cart with the 30% coupon code "WELCOME" already applied.

Thank you!

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Look like the Klaviyo guide can solve your problem:

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Hi @Lnjaine ,

The default checkout generated from the "send invoice" button of a draft order does not allow us to specify discount code, but there's a workaround which we can create a separate checkout from the draft order, which have a discount box that lets us specify the discount code, or let the customer to input the discount code.

I have made an app that allows you to create a separate checkout from the draft order, and you can set a discount code on the checkout, or let customer to input it on the checkout. 

You can then send the link of this checkout to your customer.

You can install the app (Draft Order Helper) here : , there's a free plan which you can try it out.

After installing the app, go to your draft order, click "More actions" on top right > "Generate discountable checkout link".

You can then fill in the discount code you want, then it will generate a checkout link that has the discount already applied, then you can send this link to the customer.



Hope this can help!


Axel Kee

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