Can I delete test customer data and sales from my online store?

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I was making purchases on my shopify store that were real transactions but overall they are tests. I now have customers that aren't real (just me doing tests) and I can't delete them. Everything I've read online says I can't delete a customer that has made a purchase but I was wondering if anyone has been able to. I want to delete these customers and their sales from my account so they don't mess up my analytics when we actually are ready to sell. Please let me know.

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Hello @NatalieDavis,


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In Shopify, it is not possible to delete customer accounts that have made a purchase or have a transaction history associated with them. This is because deleting the customer account would also delete the order history, which could affect your store's financial and transactional records.

However, you can label these customer accounts as "test" or "dummy" accounts to distinguish them from real customers. You can add tags or notes to the customer profiles indicating that they are test accounts. This will help you filter out these accounts when looking at your customer data or transaction history.

To exclude test orders and transactions from your analytics, you can use Shopify's filters and reports. You can filter out orders with a specific tag or note indicating that they are test orders. This way, you can ensure that your analytics and financial records remain accurate.

It is essential to keep your test and real transactions separate to ensure that your analytics and financial records are precise. By marking test accounts and orders as such, you can guarantee that they do not affect your store's data and metrics when you are ready to launch your store.


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