Can I get GTIN from GS1 if I am selling branded products?

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I am selling brand backpacks, brands like - Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, Fila and many more. I will buy the bags from Shopee (an online marketplace) and ship to my customer once I sell them on my store. The problem is I don't have GTIN to use for my Google shopping ads. My question is, can I buy GTIN from GS1 for a branded bag? For example, an adidas bag? The bag probably already have gtin, but I am not sure the seller will reply and give me the GTIN number, even though I will try to ask them as well. My question is can I buy GTIN number from GS1 for the branded bags?


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You can only buy official GS1 barcodes, if you are the manufacturer. If you self assign barcodes, you are in violation of Google's policies.


As indicated by @الساعدي you will have to contact the seller, or view the product packaging.


Be very careful with your business model, Google requires products listed to be in stock, reference:


Using a marketplace as your source of stock, is very unreliable, and I would not be surprised if you have a suspension.

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Hi! No, you cannot buy GTIN from GS1 for any branded bag like Adidas or Nike. It’s because Adidas or the respective brand is the owner of the specifications of that particular trade item (bag in your case). Therefore, the GTIN number will only be allocated to it.


You can read more about the same here: 


But it’s important to note that Shopify denotes the GTIN as the barcode. So, in case you're syncing your inventory from Shopify to Google Merchant Center, and your products have their appropriate barcodes, product identification shouldn’t be an issue. 


I would recommend you get in touch with the brands or your supplier so as to get the correct GTIN for the bag for your Google Shopping ads. 


Hope this helps!

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