Can I have more visitors on my Shopify store with SEO?

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Here are some steps for you to do an SEO strategy:

1. Do keyword research to find the types of keywords that customers are searching for 

- Use Google for finding trending keywords 

- Have a list of keywords through your competitors 

- Use SEO tools:

+ Ahrefs is a great SEO tool 

+ Keyword tool 

+ SEO Booster app 

2. Website architecture should be based on your keyword research. 

- Silo structure for product pages

- Topic cluster for news and blogs

3. On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content. 

3.1. Basic On-Page SEO Checklist 

3.2. Details of On-page checklist for significant pages 

4. Technical SEO to ensure that search engines can find your site effectively. 

5. Local SEO to drive local organic traffic (if you have one available) 

6. Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors. 

Write a great content 

Adding visual effects into content 

7. Link building to enhance the authority of your website. 

8. Measure SEO success with Google Analytics and Ahrefs. 

9. Use the best SEO applications and tools for Shopify 

You can read in our SEO guide for more detail: 8 EASY steps of SHOPIFY SEO optimization to TOP 1

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Hi Afton

The combination of SEO and SEM is the perfect strategy to boost conversions! When choosing your eCommerce keywords, It’s important to keep this in mind. How many people are searching for each keyword? Should I choose the keywords with the highest amount of monthly searches? Not necessarily. For now, just filter the keywords that fit the most with what you offer on your eCommerce website. You will want to choose wider-reaching keywords with a lot of monthly searches but also more specific long-tail keywords with a lower amount of searches that are more specific and close to what you offer.

You can find the number of monthly searches by entering the keyword on any keyword planner. You can also get for free this Google Ads and Shopify app to help you identify the best keywords for your niche and optimize your advertising campaigns.