Can I verify a shared Business Manager under the same proprietorship?

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Hi guys my Business Manager got blocked without apparent reason. I'm currently waiting for FB to verify my second Business Manager under my sole proprietorship (I have been waiting for 5 days now).

As I can only create two Business Manager and one is already blocked from advertising, my friend created a Business Manager and added me as admin to have a backup Business Manager in case I get blocked again.

Now to my question: Is it possible to verify this new Business manager that I share with my friend under the same sole proprietorship, or does FB flag me for this? 


Thanks in advance.


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We're going to say you're not using Business Manager to handle various accounts because you don't know-how. So, let's take a look at two choices of what you can and what you should.


The first method is to use the browser-based Business Manager platform. This choice necessitates you logging into the platform any time you need to access your account.


Shift, a web software that integrates with over 1,000 of your favourite email clients, applications, and productivity tools, including Gmail, HubSpot, Dropbox, Jira, Slack, and, of course, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is the second choice. This choice ensures that you are still signed into all of your Facebook Business accounts.

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Hi @alanschuetz ,


If you want to keep the second Business Manager as a backup, I recommend not connect with any interaction between the two. If Facebook decides to block your current BM, in most cases it will block any BM connected to it.


Nevertheless, you could try a solution like AdScale to help you run your Facebook ads and get your BM up and running. As a Facebook eCommerce partner, we have a direct connection to the Facebook team and can help you set your BM correctly.



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Hey there, I have been through your concern of verifying a backup business manager with Facebook. I'd like to tell you that you can verify other business managers as well but i'll recommend you to wait for a decision on the first one. If you appeal verification on both the business managers at once (with the same documentation) there are chances it will be flagged. we also face this issue sometimes while advertising, but on the safer side we'd prefer waiting rather than getting flagged out once and for all. Either way, if you're facing suspension 3rd or 4th time, you can try changing your domain and register with a new business email which surely will reduce the chances of suspension. Good luck with your business.