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Can Shopify Analytics show conversions from Google Ads (NOT Shopping)?

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"Sales attributed to marketing" on Shopify Analytics section only picks up our Google Shopping campaign. Is there any way to include standard Google Ads search campaigns also? Currently Google Ads is reporting much higher conversion levels then we are seeing in actual sales on Shopify, I guess there is some double counting in Google Ads, but I'd like to have a view on conversion rates from Shopify to understand the true level of this. Please note: I have no coding skills! Please keep any suggestions in lay terms!

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I would look at sales in Google Analytics, that way you can compare Google Ads to other channels like SEO, Facebook...ect. Shopify analytics is not as robust as Google Analytics.

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It's definitely not as robust. In fact, attribution is nearly impossible to trust from Shopify analytics. On the flip side, the majority of GA accounts (with Shopify) seem to be off on revenue. So, pick your battles? 🙂 

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What @DuaneBrown  said 🙂 

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I built a tool that solves this exact double counting problem. It provides fair and correct marketing attribution for ecommerce stores. It's called ThoughtMetric. Free to check it out here

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I have been also asking the same question because I really found difficulty to convert my site in to shopify but these questions are really irritating me.

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