Can't complete shop verification for Facebook and Instagram on Shopify

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I tried to complete shop verification for Facebook and Instagram on Shopify but every time I click "Start Verification", the pop-up does not load properly and only displays a blank screen. There is no way I can process to the next step to finish the verification. Please see the screenshots below.


Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 12.35.48 PM.pngAfter clicking "Start Verification"After clicking "Start Verification"


I have also tried the following steps below but none of them worked. (I use a Chrome browser on a Macbook)


1. Try other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari et. al.

2. Log in using an Incognito Chrome browser, and reproduce the issue.

3. Do a clear cache/cookies. 

4. Try using another device (if steps 1 to 3 did not work)


I have reached out to Facebook rep and was told this is a technical issue from Shopify end and we need to reach out to Shopify rep.


Our FB & IG sales channel on Shopify will be suspended by Facebook if we fail to verify our shop on Shopify in the next 6 days. Please help!


"You need to complete your shop verification by Jan 24 to continue selling on Shops."

"To continue selling on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need to verify your details and provide some customer support information. This will need to be completed by Jan 24, 2023 to avoid interrupting your sales. It should only take a few minutes."


Thank you in advance.




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A similar thing is happening to me. I verified my business information last November. This past Friday an alert box appeared saying I need to confirm my business information by November 11, 2023. I ran through the wizard and got to the last step, but the process was full of bugs. For instance I entered an email confirmation pin and was able to proceed the next step, which was a phone number confirmation, but after going to the step after that confirmation, the form bombed out and indicated I'd never confirmed the email pin, which I had.

After filling the form out completely for a second time I thought everything was fine... until yesterday. The form is still prompting me to complete the verification process, but I can not get past the first step. I see this message now when I hit the first submit button:


I initiated I chat with Meta support, and they seemed helpful, although what they are telling me is that I need to enable Shopify Payouts. I'm trying to find out if this is accurate, and to learn if it will solve my problems....

All of the Shopify documentation indicates with a Facebook Shop I can have customers checkout on my store, and my payments are set up to use and Paypal. 


If I learn anything more, I'll drop a note here! Do you happen to know if we need to have Shopify Payouts enabled, and can we have it enabled but still only use something like, in my case, or Paypal?


Thank you,