Can't create a commerce account to sell on Facebook from India?

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We want to sell our products on Facebook page as well. But we are unable to create commerce accounts since instagram selling is not allowed in India. We have unlinked instagram from our facebook business manager account but still we are unable to create commerce account through Shopify  Facbook. We have a store in India, can someone help in linking our store to facebook page? 


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Hi @kaushaldidwania

Thanks for reaching out. I understand how important being able to connect your store to social media is!

As you've correctly pointed out, it is not possible to create commerce accounts for Instagram in India. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, the same rules apply. Because you are based in India you are not eligible for Facebook Shopping and you, therefore, will not be able to link your store to Facebook.

I appreciate this may not be what you want to hear, but do bear in mind that there are plenty of ways to market your store, including using Google Ads.

Also, we have plenty of tutorials and courses in our Shopify Academy on Marketing your Store that you will likely find very useful!

I hope this helps!

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