Can't figure out how to add Meta Description to "/Collections/All" Page

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Hello everyone.

The title really says it all. I can't figure out how to add/edit SEO information for this one page on my website:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey Andrew,

One simple way to do this is to create a new collection with the handle of "all". This will replace the default one.

Using an automatic collection with a condition of "price greater than 0" is a quick way to include everything. Once made, you're free to edit the title and meta description like any other collection.

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Hi Jason,

If I create a new collection we are duplicating the page and will cause SEO issues.  I can't work out how to switch off the automated 'All' collections page. I have tried to redirect the old automated page to the new collection page but redirects on live pages in shopify don't work.


How do you switch off the automated 'All products' collection page?



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Hey, You could 301 the collection page to another collection of your choice. There are several 301 redirect Apps you can get for free in the App Store.

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