Can't get ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics working, any ideas?

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I've gone through the setup instructions in the shopify manual three times now.  I get this error in GA:

Missing Ecommerce Data

View Kink Outfitters is configured for Ecommerce, but no data is flowing.

The tag assistant from google reports my GA tag is good. I've got Ecommerce turned on in both GA and shopify.  I am getting normal analytics data, just not getting the ecommerce stuff.


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Hey Eric! 

Jenn here from Shopify 🙂 

First thing to consider is that getting Google analytics primed and running smoothing is like going on a very fancy date. Google takes things super s l o w l y and can require a bit of time to update any of the changes you make - like submitting a sitemap for example. Google's own support suggests a 24-48 hour processessing latency, in fact. 

I really like this site, however, for help in addressing commonly seen errors in Google Analytics. In the end, if you're still stuck, we've got a great group of experts who would love to lend a hand with SEO. 

Hope this helps!

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I should have mentioned I've had it all setup, with regular Analytics working for the past 2 months. So i don't think it's a time issue, unless it takes them months!

That page you linked was helpful, thanks.  It looks like shopify is correctly sending the ecommerce transaction data.  The notification from GA changed to resolved sometime in the past couple of hours, so assuming my transactions start showing up, I'll probably be chalking this up to internet ghosts.

Thanks again!

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Having an identical issue.