Can we no longer add our own Pinterest product requirements for Buyabe Pins?

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When the Pinterest buyable pins feature was released to all Shopify users we were able to customize our own Pinterest product variatons to use in place of the 4 requirements (color, size, material, or pattern). We used to be able to change these 4 varints to anyting we wanted.

For example, for the Material varient I was able to add other varient options. Like when I sold citrine crystal clusters, I could have the customer choose which citrine clucster they wanted, so my Material varient was edited to say "Citrine".

I don't see where I can either take out these old varients I used to use to replace some of the Pinterest varients (like Citrine, US Ring Size, Cord Color, etc) or add new ones.

Is thisno longer an option?

Thanks so much!

Brittany Witt
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