Can we really trust the 'email subscriber' list to be accurate?

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Because the Mailchimp app will no longer be integrated with Shopify, I decided to install the app Shopsync that they suggested.  Once I did the installation and setup, I noticed that my subscriber list went up significantly.  I then noticed that in my Shopify console under Customers, the email subscriber number was quite high. I had never noticed all these emails before as they were never imported into my Mailchimp list prior to this Shopsync installation. 

My question is, are those actual subscribers I see there or are they all spambots? Anyone else have this issue happening after installing Shopsync?

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Hi, @uprisejewelry


The short answer is NO. Sadly, simply measuring the number of subscribers isn't a quality metric used to determine if your audience is real or fake (spam/bots). Measuring interactions (open rates, CTR, etc.) on your email campaigns will give you a better idea if your user base is engaged. This can still vary based on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and audience targeting.


There is no perfect system to weeding out the spam, but who cares, as long as you are measuring the right numbers. Don't be fooled by a large email list with zero engagement.


Try to determine what your campaigns are trying to influence your users to do (CTA) and measure how many of them actually completing the actions you wanted. As your email lists grow, keep measuring this number. Do your conversions increase, decrease or stay the same, with a growing audience?


I'd love to hear more and get more details about your efforts. Reach out any time.



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That's a good question. I've been thinking about this for a while. The information I find in some marketing blogs, are strategies to create effective marketing campaigns, take advantage of resources, etc., but nobody talks about the problem of fake subscribers.


These subscribers register with disposable or temporary emails, and do not return to visit the page. What good is a perfect campaign if the users they reach are bots or fake users who never read emails? I think a good marketing strategy has to be combined with a list of real subscribers, but how do we know what they are?

I have recently been using DEA Cleaner, a tool to detect and eliminate fake users. The truth that has solved this problem. I have also left you the video that I followed to make the most of the tool.



I hope you find the information useful.

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I know this is coming a year after your original post - we were slow at integrating with shopsync. But I had the very same thing happen when I installed and migrated my customer list. Over 300 new subscribers! What a pain! I've been trying to go in and weed them out. 


Were you able to get to the bottom of this issue?