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Cannoical Tags and Duplicate product descriptions

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I am selling some Daniel Wellington watches on my shopify store, and after reading some SEO articles, I've realised that google doesnt like duplicate content. Each collection has about 8~ products at my store, [5 collections] and most of the products share the same descriptions. 

I understand that google can penalize sites becuase of duplciate content. 

I've read of the Cannoical Tags but I dont understand how they work and what the do exactly.

Can some one help me regarding that issue?

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Check out this article on cannonical links for product Adding this to your theme.liquid as described should fix problem. Always backup your theme before making changes.

{% if template == 'product' %}{% if collection %}
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ shop.url }}{{ product.url }}" />
{% endif %}{% endif %}

Here are shopifys instruction for duplicate pages.

Also you could help your seo by increasing blog length to over 2000 word, adding more images to blogs with atl text and or anchor text.

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Regarding your issue with duplicate product descriptions, that is a common issue and is both an opportunity and a curse in the same breath.


The curse is that you're looking at a duplicate content issue, so if you don't have a solution to that you may be better off not having them be indexed until you've sorted it out.  What canonical tags will do is let Google (and other search engines) know that you recognize that a page is similar to other pages on you're site...and it recommends a URL to Google that you consider the "master copy" of that page. Using this can help prevent problems caused by identical or "duplicate content" appearing on multiple URLs and you getting dinged for it.   More recently, I've read that Google actually looks at the canonical more as a suggestion than something they definitely take into keep that in mind as well.


The opportunity lies in the fact that each one of those product SKUs is an opportunity to have great original content created so that you can start getting traffic to those products that others wont.  There recommended processes to manage duplicate product description SEO so consider them...but there are apps in the Shopify App store that can actually help alleviate this problem and assist you in getting unique and useful content on your pages.   For example, ensure you're engaging your users with a Shopify product question and answer app so that you can know what the content gaps are that customers are actually interested in.  This does a couple things for you.....(1) it creates original content that will display on your page and help with the problem immediately but also (2) it gives you insights into what information you can put directly into your product descriptions in order to make them your own.


Hope that was helpful.

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