Cannot Advertise please help!

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It's been two month since the launch of my general dropshipping store.

Below is the situation right now





Active on Instagram but got 72 follower in two months.

Opened a business manager account and now the page request is pending and Facebook is showing error when trying to accept it in page roles.

Tried to promote through Instagram but it's also showing error that cannot access Facebook page 

Google merchant account is also suspended.

So Facebook and Instagram and google ads are over now what to do to drive traffic to my store

Please help!


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Do you seriously need other people to tell you what you're doing wrong?

- I have never seen so many pop-ups on a single website. It's absolutely insane.
- The empty white space along the top is weird
- You haven't bothered to read Shopify's articles on Google Shopping. Your site clearly meets the requirements for a suspension by Google. No address, email or phone number readily on display.
- You have many product affiliate links to Amazon pages rather than products for sale on your own site. Pretty sure Google would never tolerate this. Customers wouldn't even tolerate it.
- Why is LLC/LTD in your business name? 
- This is in your website footer: "Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers." Come on man.

Rather than put care and attention to detail into a focused store than understands its value proposition, you have thrown a mangled online store into the world and just expected it to start generating sales. Life isn't this easy I'm afraid - it takes serious effort to make it.

Right now the absolute last thing you want to do is waste money on marketing. Spend your time refining your store, clean up the design, comply with Google's requirements, get rid of every last affiliate link product page, get some actual product descriptions, massively reduce the size of your catalogue if necessary etc. etc. There is so much to do before people will likely regard it as trustworthy. And lay off the apps. Adding a hundred intrusive apps is just going to slow your store down and chase visitors away.

If you'd like some examples of what a good store should look like, just browse the Shopify theme marketplace. Loads of the demo sites look very clean and professional, with good photography and a first impression that would have every visitor in no doubt as to the trustworthiness of the website.

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You posted a topic like this a few times already in different parts of the forum. If you take half of the time spent on asking for questions and put it into learning 1 topic from the long list of thing you say don't work - you could greatly upgrade your website and skills.

Your first sentence tells a lot - "It's been two month since the launch of my general dropshipping store." - It looks like you are more interested in making easy money and not interested in providing value for people who would buy from you.

Look at all the answers you got from Charles and other people in other topics - fixing them is a good start but first of all, you should think why do you run your store and who is it for?



Sales vs Weather Report - how weather-dependent are your sales?

Zombie Meter checks the quality of your traffic. Remember -  Zombies don't buy products. Customers buy products.

Want to know how many Zombies visit your store or how Weather-dependent are your sales? We got apps for that -