Cannot link FB Pixel to my website

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Hi all,

So the other day I was setting up all the marketing tools for my website to launch it but I ran into a problem. Facebook Pixel didn't seem to work even though I tried multiple times and I know how to install because I've done it before. Then I noticed a message saying that FB has banned my domaine name... Apparently it's in relation to the adult content on my store (I have an adult toys store). Now, I know perfectly well that I can't advertise adult products on FB, Instagram etc which I wasn't going to do. Do they have the right to do that? I didn't even run any ads yet so I haven't infringed any rules... I requested a review but they won't unblock my domain name. I find it really unfair because my plan was to advertise in a very subtle way without any direct references to anything explicit.

So yeah, basically I can't link Pixel but it seems that I am able to run ads. What can I do? Is there anything else I can use instead of Pixel? I would like to be able to track the actions taken on my website so i can tell if my advertising works or not.

How do big adult store advertise (Dame, Love Honey, Lelo etc...) ?

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you!

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