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Canonical Issues On My Website

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Hello Guys,

I have three websites with basically the same content on each of them, including products and collections and the only difference between these websites are the Domain name and this is because i am targeting different markets. Right now i want to rank a number of keywords on Google but my SEO compay is asking i fix these canonical issues. I want to know how i can go about fixing these issues. The website URLs are below. Any help would be dearly appreciated - Targeting Sri Lanka - Targeting India - All other Countries



Thank You

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With them all being .lk domains they would all be primarily targetting Sri Lanka. A sub domain of in or us does not cause any targetting.

So, how are you making them target different regions, especially if their content is identical.

Using ccTLDs or open TLDs like .com cause some level of targetting, but themain factors are the content of yoursite, and its poularity (e.g. links from) in a region.

I think you will be far better offhaving the single site, which you can put all your effort in, and make it target the world. You would probably want an open domain like a .com which is perceived a woldwide.

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