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Hi everyone,

On my page, the canonical tag includes the pagination versions. I don't want Google to index 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages since this creates keyword cannibalization on Google and lowers the overall SEO performance of a certain category page. The entire idea of canonical is to prevent duplications such as paginations, utms and filter parameters. But unfortunately my shopify page's canonical works like below:

For instance:

<link rel="canonical" href="">

This canonical shouldn't include "?page=2". It should point Google to the default main page of the category (the version without pagination parameter). How can I change this? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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Is this a correct use of the canonical tag?  I thought it was for cases where the same content appears at different URLs - like my site which also appears at with identical content.  Different pages of the same collection are not the same content, and if the search engine detects that, it may treat it as faulty metadata and ignore the tag entirely.

Although I have misgivings about whether it's a good idea to actually do what you're asking for, you can probably achieve it by editing your theme.liquid file where it invokes {{ canonical_url }} to strip out the page query parameter with Liquid filters, like this:  {{ canonical_url | split: '?page=' | first }} .  That will take effect on anything with a page query variable (blogs as well as collections); if you want it to be really only for collections, you could use an if statement to detect whether the page is a collection page.

I'd be interested to hear whether this actually has the desired effect, or just screws up indexing (as I fear it might).