Cant get any sale

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Hello all

Im boris 

My store -

My store open and working about a month now i get traffic but i cant get any sale not even one

I spend about 150$ on facebook advertise and nothing

Please help

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My advice, check that your advertising targeting is effective and relevant. Getting traffic is easy, but getting customers with a buying intent is more difficult.

I recommend that you analyze the targeting, research who you need to target and where.

For example advertising on Google Shopping has a high buy intent.

For example advertising on Facebook with remarketing are twice as likely to convert than a first-time buyer.

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hey Shippingtoys,

How old is your site and what is approx monthly traffic on your website?

You spent $150 that is great but got no leads that clearly shows that campaign was not set up by expert and proper targeting is not done.


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The site is one month old abd i get aprox 25-30 visits a day

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Hi Shippingtoys,

I just tried to go to your site and couldn't access anything there. Have you been changing your DNS settings at all recently?

- Adam

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A lot of retailers struggle to push prospects from add to cart to transactions. Many a time the entire top of the funnel metrics are healthy but the last and final step becomes a herculean task.
Too many steps between cart page and final order confirmation.

Have a provision to continue as a guest - a lot of people hate the fact that they have to sign up and only then they could proceed with the purchase

Avoid charging a shipping fee just before final payment - even a Rs 50 or Rs 100 shipping is a turn-off. Hence, make sure it's clearly mentioned on the website about shipping charges OR the minimum cart value to avoid shipping. A smart tactic could be to have shipping included in the price of the product and promote free shipping on the website.

Ensure that your payment gateway doesn't take long to load

Mobile friendly checkout process as maximum traffic websites see nowadays is mobile.

Try to Improve User Engagement on your eCommerce website

Content is king. You should have enough data to keep your consumers hooked.

Create a response UI and make it an engaging interface. An average user seldom purchases on the first visit, if you lack user engagement it is improbable they revisit.

Make your website community-centric instead of product-centric. Here are a few pointers on how you can improve Engagement.