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Hi, I've been running my store for about 8 months now. From the paid advertsing route, I've mainly focused on FB/IG ads. However, I noticed about 30% of all my sales come from organic searches through search engines. It always seemed strange to me because my products, for the most part, are very niche. A lot of them would be pretty hard to search if you didn't specifically know the product name. Nevertheless, organic conversions still take place. My question is how do I better capitalize on the organic search engine results? For instance, discovering the terms people are searching with, and maybe doing a Google ads campaig? Any insights would be appreciated. 

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Hi Mel!

Is your question regarding If so, it's quite possible that the organic sales you are seeing are from people seeing your ads on Facebook/Instagram and then googling your brand name to find you. I did some research (see screenshot) and your website doesn't seem to be ranking just yet for any keywords that would bring any traffic.

If you want to get a better idea of what keywords people are searching for to find your site you should consider using Google Search Console:

I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any other questions, I love SEO!

Edit: The screenshot that I uploaded shrunk down way too small so it was impossible to read. Here's the full size screenshot: