Catalog not connecting and Commerce Account inaccessible - FB

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Just earlier today, I had my Pixel set up and my account was linked with Shopify. Although I couldn't edit my Catalog, the items within it were on my Facebook shop. I decided that I needed to change a few things which I did not have admin access to (because of Shopify's "ownership" so I created a new catalog. I disconnected my Facebook page to Shopify's catalog and enabled it for this new one which I did have admin access to. My dilemma is that now no catalogs are showing up on my Facebook shop and I'm unsure of why. Everything looks fine, but nothing is cooperating. 


I'd also like to mention that when I had initially set up the link between Shopify and the FB catalog, I never had to enter my bank info to enable selling on FB. Why am I required to do that now? I would much rather connect back with Shopify and have its limited accessibility (worst-case scenario). I believe this would be under Commerce Accounts, which is something that I'm unable to access.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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