Change from subdomain to main domain - SEO impact?

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Hi all, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, i've had a pretty extensive look around but cant find a topic that exactly matches what im dealing with.


A client i'm doing a re-theme for currently has their store setup as a subdomain, so ''. The main '' is just a splash page with links to different parts of their store (men, women, etc). With this new re-theme, we want to bring the whole store onto the main domain - Our main concern however is SEO. Will we still see an impact on SEO as google re-indexes, or if we setup our redirects properly (im assuming within Shopify admin & google search console?) initially, will the fact that the store will essentially remain on the same domain limit this? Is there anything specific we should be doing to prepare for this switch over apart from redirects, submitting the sitemap & requesting a re-index?

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you covered most thing I would look out for like redirects and fixing any internal links on the site to the main domain. You will always have an impact on SEO when making a change like this but it's easier to have a site at the main domain. If there are any external links pointing to the old site, see if they can get updated to the new domain when it goes live. If any ad campaigns or emails are running, change those are they come up.

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