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Hey Guys,

I appreciate this may not really be a Shopify question, but I will give it a go. I have recently linked my products onto Google Merchant, which have been approved and are being advertised by Google. However, I have a slight issue. For some reason, Google is putting the word "best" and "online" in my product title. For example on my store, I have the following product title

"Black Waterproof Portable Speaker"

However on Google merchant it reads

"Best Waterproof  Portable Speaker Online Black".

I am sure most would agree that the word "best" sounds very amateur and off putting, and I am not really sure why the word "online" is required.

After some investigation, it would appear that I need to somehow change the "feed" on Google Merchant in order to change the product title, but from what I can gather, this does not appear a straightforward task.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


Neo Nomad 


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The answer depends on the way Google Merchant Center is linked with your products.

There are two options:

  1. if you did it manually, through a feed, then you can manually enter the product title you want,
  2. if you used Google's Content API, then you can edit product titles both in the "Google" shopping app on Shopify. There are other editing options available in Google Merchant Center, so make sure to check that out also.


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Hi @Neonomad 

How are you getting your feed into merchant centre?  There is clearly something happening to the data between your shop and GMC and without knowing what method you're using to push the data through it's hard to know what to suggest.  Sounds like there's something set up in the app or whatever you're using to add these words into the title automatically, so you just need to find out where it's doing that and change that setting.....  

Does that make sense??



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