Change the title and description on Google

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I know there are some topic like this...but I didnt find any solution yet...


I would like to change the description that Google shows when you look for my shop....I am in page number one finally...but I dont like the title and the doesnt tell enough information....

I dont know why it doesnt show what I have write on my shopify settings...


Can anyone help with that?


thank you!



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Hello Eva,

you can change what you want to show on SEO by editing the following settings.

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if you want also to change the SEO of some product pages, or collections, go to product, scroll down to the bottom of the page till reaching the SEO, click on "Edit Website SEO" and update it as needed. 


Edit website SEO button

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Thanks for your answer....but this is not What I meant...maybe i didnt explained myself clearly...

What you suggest I already done.. 

When I look for my site on Google....the title and description dont match....this is what it shows....

They dont match....and I dont know how to change it... 😞

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Hi there.


It won't show up straight away. Google will cache your old info for a period of time before it will index your new title and description. It might take a week or a month before your new title and description shows in Google. 

As a general rule, be "careful" when updating titles and descriptions. The google bot crawls your website once a day or maybe even once a week (depending on fresh) content.

Keep in mind that Google will also rank you for keywords in the title and description and this takes time! So, by changing it frequently will only hurt you in the long run.

You can call on google bot to re-crawl your website in Webamster tools.

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Thank you so much for your answer rune123 !

I hope it shows soon...because what its shows now it's so poor..


Have a nice Sunday!

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Good afternoon,

Let me correct you. When entering metadata, they have to be displayed instantly when inspecting the page. I am having the same problem and it is generating many losses.

I hope that this problem can be solved, since, this subject is something very simple that in other CMS would not happen.

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Super helpful!! Thank you!

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Can you tell me, how to change it?

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Hi there,

Maybe you can try app SEO Manager in Shopfiy Appstore to change the title and description, which most peopel use for Shopify SEO. Then when you change your page title and meta description, You can install Open SEO Stats in Google Chorme Extension to check it.

Then google bot will spent several days to crawl and index URLs in your website. When it was done, you can see the right title and description in SERP. In addtion, you can use the tool named "googlebot-fetch" to crawl and index the URLs manully in Google Search Console.

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