Changing Images and SEO

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In the process of updating to a new and better theme
The new theme works best for our purposes with square images
I can resize all the images to fit the site great and re upload them, however I am worried about the SEO of the images.
Currently we rank quite well for a lot of our images (Jewellery) which is quite important for us
Will uploading the new resized images damage my SEO? 
I would be taking down the images that currently rank, but re uploading them in a square format

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The theme looks amazing. If I can ask did you create this yourself or buy it from Shopify? 

Tees by Aidan is a high quality clothing retailer made by and for people who want to stand out. We sell a wide variety of casual apparel designed for young adults. All designs are made by graphic designer Aidan Toole. Tees by Aidan is based in Philadelphia.
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We edited one of the themes quite a bit to get it to look this way
We are switching to a newer one now however

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Images need to seo optimization. Then up to online.